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Heating and cooling, Kemptville ON


All our technicians are fully licensed trained professionals, some with as much as +35 years experience. We service and maintain all makes and models and keep up to date and certified with the latest equipment and technologies. Have questions? Call us and ask. We'd be happy to help. 


When you need us most, don't hesitate to call 24/7 365. Our service trucks are meticulously stocked for almost every no heat scenario. If parts are unavailable rest assured we have you covered. Your house will never freeze! GUARANTEED!!!


It's much more than taking a vacuum to the furnace. Our technicians are trained to inspect all aspects of your homes heating system, even the ones we may not be servicing. Our mandate is to ensure that all your home systems are operating properly, efficiently and most importantly safe. Think of this... before our techs ring your doorbell, we have already inspected up to 5 things on your home heating system.


Peace of mind sound good? How about not having to pay for EMERGENCY SERVICE at 1AM? No matter your situation and budget, we have the service plan thats right for you. Our service plans cover furnaces, boilers, water heaters, air conditioners and more. Call us to find out more. Call us to find out how we can help.


Looking to modernize your home with clean burning natural gas or propane? Add a dryer, Gas range, Central BBQ, pool heater or outdoor fire pit. Clean, convenient, safe and much cheaper to operate than electricity. Ask us about how we can make life more convenient with gas. 


Ready to get cooking? As most food vendors are finding out it's a little more complicated than that. We have catered to many Mobile Food Service Equipment (MFSE) owners and helped dozens of venders get legally certified for for public service. We work closely with TSSA to ensure public safety and help new MFSE owners get their business going. 

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